*2017-2018 Connections - Home Spring Semester

*2017-2018 Connections - Home Spring Semester

Connections - Home is a mandatory course that does not count toward your 5 allowable courses.  It does, however count as a class when you consider how many "virtual courses" you are taking.  This is the home page of this class and will serve as a spring board for information you will need as a Partner.  Assignments will be posted as needed and throughout the semester.

Canvas is your virtual school building.  All of the virtual courses you choose through the Partnership will appear in Canvas, not in this class, but on your Dash Board.  Use this video tutorial to give you an overview of Canvas. Use the tutorials below to help you navigate and control Canvas.

You will find the following in Connections - Home


Community Expert List (Updating in process)


Canvas Verification (click on "Modules" to left to verify your spring courses)

Count Day Explanation and Discussions 

Field Trips (Spring 2018) 

Dates and Deadlines

Supplementary, voluntary virtual resources - these are some goodies available to you through this Home Room.

Communication - Use this link to help you make sure the communication is flowing.




        Home Room Teachers - these teachers are provided as support for you.  They will be providing two-way communication with you for Count Day if you do not complete the Count Day assignments in all our courses.  They are also available for two-way communication through out the entire school year as deemed necessary.  Click on their name to find their communication information and bios.

        Community Experts Heather Krenk
        Passwords for GSMU & Canvas / Log-ins for On-line courses Aaron Schutte
        Help with Class enrollment / General Questions and Help
        Reimbursements Mindy Thompson
        2-way communications Your Homeroom Teacher
        Dual Enrollment

        Gail Bliss

        Course Content

         The Teacher of Record whose contact information in on the syllabus of the class.

        Standardized Testing

        Gail Bliss


        PSAT 8/9 (9th Graders only)

        SAT & MME (11th & 12th graders who have NOT taken the test)

        Deadline to register 12/4

        SAT - April 10th
        WorkKeys - April 11th
        M-Step - TBD

        PSAT/NMSQT (10th & 11th Graders only) PSAT (10th Grade Only)
        NWEA - Deadline is a week before test date - still waiting to determine when that will be. (K-8th Grade)  Testing will be done the week of 1/16 - 2/1

        NWEA (K-8 Grades)

        Testing will be done on June 5 & 6.

        AP Testing (10-12 Grades)

        Please email Gail the specific test you will be taking by December 8th.  We will pay for one test.  If you desire additional tests there is a fee of at least $100 per test.  These tests are taken in person at Niles High School on a specified day and time in the Spring TBD.

        Request for fall PSAT testing must be submited by June 1st of each year for the following year. Those currently registered will receive notification of testing dates and times.  If you did not already register for the PSAT, let Gail know and she will put you on a list after it is determined if there are enough testing materials.  Spring testing registration  deadline is December 1, 2017.  Click on the name of the test to register for the test.






        Course Summary:

        Date Details